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Please someone help, Ive been teaching for ten years and love my job with a Reception class but is it just me or are kids coming in with less and less respect. I have a boy that says no to me consistently every time i ask him to do something. I have been very firm with him and send him to time out every time he is refusing me, but it is driving me insane. I am thinking about doing a behaviour reward for him but part of me thinks no, he needs to learn first to do as he is told. Rant over!! :o

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a few questions


Is what you are asking him to do really important?

will it effect his safety if he doesn't do it?

what will he miss if you take his no for meaning no?


I used to work with F1 so before they reach reception..but found the NO children interesting.. if challenging.


We developed a strategy of asking the questions to ourselves and if our replies were not a lot.. say that's fine to the child turn our backs and then ensure whatever we had asked them to do was really fun and the other children got lots of attention while doing it.. we didn't use stickers but occasionally in this case we would ensure all the children who were doing got one... the child often then would join in so as not to miss out... but may take a while -


The No was getting more attention than actions we wanted- even by time out we felt we were giving a reward for No as they still didn't do the task..


perhaps try to find a time when the No is acceptable.. I often felt we needed to respect the No occasionally anyway as it has a meaning and in some cases could be a very appropriate word to use and know that it should work... Sorry but I do feel children should be aware No is a word they can use with effect...I know its not possible all the time but changing the behaviour did take time and patience.


Each child needed handling differently but we always gave the respect the word a go.

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