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We went to a presentation yesterday about the Superfox record-keeping system. Our county has bought it and every setting will be given it to use, free of charge. It looked very simple and easy to use. I think it's going to be very useful for us, but wondered if anyone else is using it and if so, what do you think of it? Any extra-special good points? any glitches/pitfalls?we get our disc next week, as there was a fault on the batch the presenter brought with him ( Nice chap, looked like Philip Schofield........................I kep expecting to be asked to challenge the cube!) and then we get a newer, updated version in March, with regular updates, for ever. Anything that makes life easier for us has to be a bonus!

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haven't used it yet Narnia, went on training on Wednesday, must say I was quite impressed and it has been developed by people in the business of childcare and any updates are through suggestions from people in the childcare business. Will be playing about with it over the next week or two to get used to it and probably "go live" at Easter.

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me and my admin ass went on training last june and had the system up and running for this sep. I love it and my aa reckons it saves hours and hours of time.


It has taken a bit of getting used to, just like anything else, but as she uses it every day she is now a pro and gets a good few calls from colleagues of mine when they have problems!


I'd say run superfox and your old system side by side for a month or two until your confident but deffinately go for it! I've had to adjust a few things from my side of the desk to fit in with what it does but has been well worth it x


Good Luck!

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