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People Who Help Us- Ideas Please?


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Next week the children will be looking at the role of a Policeman/ lady....as part of the topic 'People who help us'

I have found some lovely ideas for cll, psrn and kuw but am really struggling with Physical Development, Creative Development and PSED------I was thinking of doing right and wrong? Any ideas for these areas are really appreciated e.g. any games I could play for PD......AND could I make anything for CD??


Thank you

much appreciated


Sar x

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There's one our Brownies used to love. The children have to march around the room like policemen, chanting:


I'm a policeman on my beat, ever so tall with big fat feet.

When I hear the sergeant say "how many criminals caught today?"


And then the grown up says a number and the children have to get themselves into groups of that number. Whoever is left is out.


In nursery we don't generally have children being 'out', we get them to decide the next number. Its a good game for filling a few spare moments, or for when the troops are getting rowdy!

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