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I've got staff appraisals coming up soon. I've been observing the staff but tomorrow I am going to go in as an ofsted inspector! xD They were all warned at the last staff meeting that I would be doing this but now i'm about to do it I can't think what questions to ask!

Can anyone give me any ideas please? I've got one's like what to do if you have a safegarding issue about a child, also what the process is if you suspect a developmental issue. Also about key person planning etc.

I know there are loads of questions that ofsted would ask but they've gone straight out my head! any ideas gratefully received :o

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what about where certain documents are held - i.e risk assessments, medical forms, passwords ?


something about parent partnership possibly ? How they build relationships?


Thier understanding of child initiated activities versus adult led - maybe what the ratios should be for each. Something about Letters and Sounds possibly ?


Staff child ratios ?


Just a few ideas off the top of my head :o

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1: How do you record accidents in the setting, and whom would you contact/notify if the child/adult required medical treatment ie: doctors or hospital .Whose responsibility is this.

2:What is your fire drill procedure, how do you evaluate and record.

3: How do you plan for child's next steps and record it.

4: Can you show,explain how you plan, taking each child's interest into account.

5: Where is your first aid point, who is the named person to ensure it is adequately stocked.

6: Do all staff know who is the named person for Enco, Safeguarding/child protection, Special educational needs, Health and Safety in the work place, including risk assessments.

7:How do you work in partnership with parent/carers, outside agencies and other provisions.


Not sure if this is at all helpful, but these are certainly some of the things i may well ask my staff team.

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Do you know how to contact Ofsted? In what instances would this be necessary?


What weaknesses have you identified in your practice / the settings practice and how would you plan to improve? How is this recorded AND monitored?


Safeguarding case study, think of a scenario to describe to the staff member that could easily occur and ask what the staff member would do.


During one of my inspections the Inspector asked my staff if they knew where the heating controls were :oxD:( :(



What are the aims of the setting? Where would you find this written?



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From other ofsted reports I have read, it seems a question often asked is whether staff members know the procedure if an alligation is made against them.

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