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Hi All,


Happy New Year!!!!!!! I need a little help, I have made space for a letters and sounds area but i dont know what to put in it to keep the children focused and learning whilst playing. Can any one help?????





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Sorry Katiepotatoe not sure what age range you are with so these maybe useless ideas, but here goes.

What about objects beginning with a A, b B,......... to explore this could be extended for children to go and find.

Alphabet frieze.

Saucepans with magnetic letters and somewhere for them to sort, put up, make words, names.

Letter stencils with a selection of mark making tools.

Cd player with alphabet songs, jingles, rhymes and poems.

Sound lotto games.


Nature objects, natural materials beginning with for them to explore.

Signing alphabet and signing frieze songs.

Jolly phonics.

Playdough with alphabet cut outs.

Car mat with designated stops made with stickers, a A ambulance station, b B bank, c C chemist, and so on..........................

Water or sand with objects in with letters of the alphabet.

Sponge painting with letters.

Will keep thinking.


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One thing you could consider, if you do letters and sounds activities with groups, is to leave the resources available for free play in your area after you have used them with the group. So for example if you have been doing silly soup, then leave the resources out so that the children can revisit the activity in their own time and in their own way.

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Thank you both so much for your ideas. Sorry Bridger my age is 3-4 years but your ideas are brilliant. I have a shelving unit in an area for letters and sounds and did want to put things in there that I have used during teaching like you suggest Mundia to encourage the children to visit this area during free play. I also want to put activities in there that they can select them selves and complete without an adult assisting. ill defo try those ideas and see how we go.


thanks again



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