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Ginger Bread Ideas


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Hi- this is my frst post so hope I'm dong it right. Would really love some ideas for my gnger bread man week next week. I would really lke some creative ideas to use and then put up on a display- any ideas welcome!please help x

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Hi There


Before Christmas I made non-edible Christmas tree decorations in the shape of ginger bread men. The kids loved making the dough & pressing the mixture into the cutter.


The recipe on the forum is equal parts apple sauce (Morison’s sell large jars for -65p) and cinnamon. As the cinnamon was expensive I mixed in some flour to bulk it out.


Depending upon the consistency of the dough, roll out the dough & use the cutter or press the mixture into the cutter & then remove, I found it's best to to this was on grease proof paper. I placed them on top of our heaters & they dried within half a day. The smell was fab & the kids loved it.


Good Luck Nicky.

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