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We have 2 children with Swine Flu, (both now off but have been in) do I need to inform all the parents? I know last year when it was going around we were told we had to tell parents so they could decide if they wanted to bring their children in, but that was at the hight of all the scare mongering so not sure if we should just treat it like any other winter flu??



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I would inform parents that there have been cases of swine flu confirmed in the setting, that you are monitoring the situation and seeking any medical advice necessary ( which you would do, obviously). Tell them that you are taking all sensible precautions ( hand washing, anti-bac on furniture, toys etc and using disposable cloths, tissues etc) to prevent any spread of the flu. Give them a web site address and phone number to contact for advice if they are worried their child might have it too. I think it's important to reassure them that you are on top of things and doing what you can to prevent any further cases, even though, in reality there isn't much you CAN do. We had a case last year and we cosed the setting for a day to deep clean everything, but really it was fairlt pointless, because the moment you open the doors to children again, in come any bugs and germs that are around. I think it did reassure some parents.....no-one kept their children away because we'd had a case and some of them did tell us it was a waste of time to try to clean the virus away

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