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Ok so im new to all this. However ive just taken over for someone running a parent and toddler session once a week, the session is only 2 hours so we do not need to be registered with ofsted and therefore dont need to follow the EYFS i was just wondering if anyone has any ideas i could use as i have never ran anything like this before?

Thank you :)

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If you have experience of EYFS then I would practice some of it - I always did.


I had areas which covered most of the areas of learning. Always made sure there were activities for all ages that attended but nothing unsuitable for under 3's. Also had a baby area that was sectioned off - we had room dividers.


We had free play, snack time, song time. Books out, always playdough, dressing up. Area for adults to sit down.


Hope that helps!


Oh and as planning goes - notes on the back of a receipt just reminding me what I needed to get out of the shed and if any craft items needed setting up.

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we set up different areas too - and find it easier if we plan it in advance. we plan different craft actities each week -usually including something they can take home. i try to plan out my activities a term at a time -taking into account any special events / festivals etc -then i have a monthly activity sheet by the signing in book so parents can see what we will be doing in the next few weeks.


we try to follow out playgroup plans if possible, makes it easier for us with setting up, getting toys out etc - but we have to 'jiggle' things a little to make them age appropriate.


our sessions last for 2 hours -

1 hours 'free play' - children are supervised by parents as they play / make things etc

snack time 15 -25 mins (ish !!) - while they eat, i tidy away some of the activites in preperation for --

circle time - stories / songs /instruments / puppets / ring games etc - the children are also free to play with the other activites left out for them if they wish.

i always ensure we finish with a goodbye song -- as the parents had a habit of hanging about after the sessions , and we needed to get set-up for our playgroup session straight after !

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Hopefully you have appropriate insurance, have policies and procedures in place for all those using your setting, to include safeguarding, emergency evacuation drills/records etc., etc.,


All these came in handy when I ran mine. I also did the same and followed EYFS principles with set-up, activities etc.,


Good luck

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So can anyone advise on what else is necessary to set up a parent and toddler group?


Under 2 hours no need to Ofsted register?




CRB checks for adults


Qualification of adults?


Written policies - which ones?


Do you need to register with anyone?


Does anyone check the premises are suitable?


Are there guidelines about numbers of children/adults you can have?


er ..........


What else have I forgotten?

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