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I was just wondering if anyone has spent any of the E-Learning Credits yet?


Some time last year we were awarded £243, but as yet have not spent any of it.


It is not just a case of buying the software and using it! You have to pay for the licence and that depends on how many children you have. It's rather confusing.


Any help would be greatly appreciated as I think we are now due for a second lot of funding and havent spent the first lot yet!



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Hi Hali


Did you have any issues with the licenses? Because every site I seem to visit who are registered for ELCs has all sorts of different prices for each piece of software and its not just as easy as ordering one of them at say £10 and another at £15.

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thanks for replying Hali


I have had an email from Under 5's.


I have had the license issue clarified as follows:




Generally speaking, the number of licenses you require depends on the number of pcs you have.


If you have one pc used by all the children you need one license, if you

have a computer suite of 10 pcs you will need 10 licenses, if you have a

network and place the software on the network you will need a site license.


You can find more guidance here.




If you want to choose some software we can verify the licensing requirements

with the publisher before you buy.



Hope this may help someone else.

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xD I may sound stupid but, what are ElC's?.

Aand how do you get them?.

We have 2 computers in our nursery and are looking for donations from parents to buy CD's. :o

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