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I am looking to make a website for our pre-school, its something I have really put off but now find the need. (competitor now has one and don't want to miss out on future clients)


I was wondering if anyone knew the easiest way or site etc, as you can see I don't really know where to start.

I have asked parents but its their time and have had no offers so its just me!


Can you help?

Big Sue

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I used weebly to do mine - easy peasy and I can regularly upload things like newsletters, pictures and things to it, so it's easy to maintain


Just had a glance, is it really as free as it says? Look good


And as EASY!!!! :o


Big Sue

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Thank you


I know its a bit silly but not overly confident and don't want to mess up!!

I know its the way forward and think it will help, most of our clients are village based so we do have a good catchment BUT they are all getting younger and have started to ask me if I have a website. :o


Big Sue


PS also not sure but think it could go as part of one of my EYCLo's or RLO SOMEWHER!!!!

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Hi, I also use weebly, just the freebie version, we don't need any of the extras.


Once you get a bit more confident, what you can do is buy your own domain name (if you choose a .org.uk one you will get it for about £5 a year). You can then 'point' your weebly site at this domain name, which sounds horribly difficult but is really easy, honest!

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