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the children want to do some learning about Fireman Sam to support our Fire StATION ROLE PLAY THEME.

have basic ideas such as number ordering on ladders, using hoses to make big arm movement for writing, Adding and subtracting using fore engine theme- but am lacking inspiration. Any ideas would be gratefully received

thanks Natasha

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often the local fire station has mini kit boxes you can borrow too


traffic game - this is mentioned in the resources section for ambulances - children driving around on real bikes or pretending, when the siren sounds they need to freeze and look where the fire engine is to keep out of its way. we did this also in PE with children moving around equipment - it was a fab listening game and even my ones that don't listen did!

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Hi there


I used Fireman Sam as a stimulus for a numeracy lesson on length as part of an observation quite recently. Here is my lesson plan, activity plan and the powerpoint I used.

The children really enjoyed it and it was a very good introduction to the concept of length.

They all loved trying to rescue Naughty Norman and talked about it for days afterwards blaming Naughty Norman for everything including pressing the fire bell for the fire practice :o


I love my job - Keep smiling

Good Luck x




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