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Numeracy Throughout All 6 Areas


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I am trying to increase the amount of numeracy I have throughout the whole classroom, rather than just in the "numeracy" area. Does any one have any bright ideas for this? Was thinking of things like numbers for digging out in the sand tray etc, but then I draw a blank!


Thanks in advance!

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Do you have a 'light station' - we have some lovely 'squidgy' numbers for ours! :o


Number line and number stencils available on the 'mark-making' table.....


Number puzzles, number games accessible for self-selection....


Number books in the book corner....


I'm sure you already have all of these and I am being no help at all - oh well......I tried! xD

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Iv been on a course this afternoon about this.

Do you have the document 'supporting childrens mathematical thinking'?


numbers and patterns?


The course basically said if we take the time to look for numeracy we will see it happening everywhere.

I don't have a numeracy area anymore, instead I have a home for the numeracy equipment that is easily accessible to the children and I have lots of my mathematical equipment in other areas so that when theyare used the experiences that the children have are more meaningful and less restrictive than me setting an activity up in the 'numeracy area' to check they can count to 5 for example.


Lucie x

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