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Can you tell me what you provide to eat for snack and tea. I went into a setting today who provided a biscuit milk or water >

We provide loads compared to this- no wonder our shopping bill is so high!!


We are looking at revamping our snack and tea menus does anyone have one they could share please?



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I'd say that was rather on the mean side!


Milk or water, a dried fruit, fresh fruit and a carb (mini pitta, toast, rice cakes, cheese and cracker type thing, or mini croissant, naan bread) spreads tend to be, marmite, cream cheese, jam, honey.


I do sometimes have to remind the staff that it is only a snack and not their lunch to keep costs in order, but I do think they deserve more than a biscuit, which to my mind harks back to pre Foundation Stage, let alone EYFS!

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We give fruit, milk/water. Fruit is donated by parents, if we run out (which is very rare now but has happened a couple of times on a Friday) then we supplement with a rich tea biscuit. If we give too much then find they dont eat their lunch. We've had pittas/crackers/cheese as well as fruit donated.

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