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Allocation Of Extra Shifts


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We are experiencing a bit of an issue in our setting where extra shifts have become available and more than one person wants to work a particular extra shift.

Does anyone have any guidelines that we could look at as to how to solve this problem and decide who gets offered the shifts "first" as such. Thankyou

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Hi do you need a particular level of staff for the extra shift ?, are they able to job share one week on one week on or would this be too disruptive for the children and parents.

How many sessions are they both already doing.

How have they found out about the extra shifts and had you not thought that more than one may like them.

There is always going to be a time when as the leader/ manager you have to make decisions that do not necessarily please everybody.

Maybe you could make your decision which one and then explain to the other practitioner saying thank you for their interest and that you will bear them in mind if others sessions become available.

Good luck with this. :o

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Thankyou for your reply, It's kind of tricky as both have their level 3 and one is in training for her level 5, the other has been with us for 5 years longer than the one doing her foundation degree. It was offered to the one who is in training for level 5 but the other member of staff is saying it should have been offered to her as she has been with us longer. As management we now think we may need a policy or guidelines as to how we offer sessions!

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a tough one.. you will always upset someone..unfortunately.


we used to decide on

who was available at correct level...

number of hours already worked... we tried to even out the hours so all had an equal share

family needs... sounds odd, but some needed certain number of hours to claim benefits, too many and they lost more than they gained .

length of service..


but in our case we found they were happy if we evened it out so all had same hours... if we found we had one shift a week they were often happy to rotate this between them so they all had a extra session.. so long as we had enough staff I used to let them decide on which ones they worked -but we were a small team and see it could cause issues with a bigger one.



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i have 15 staff! i do the sessions etc for the children on an academic yearly basis


so once i have the numbers for the halls i ask the staff what hours they would like, what if any day off etc....


then work out the staff rota for the year, letting them know when they start a particlar day



following our policy which generally states


1. every one will start with min of 2 days a week

2. higher quals get priority

3. depends on days they are avaialble and times

4. sessions will increase over the year, and will drop each dept



also - all cover must be arranged through manager


this does work for us, we do quals before time served as that is what we are "tested" on for eye grant now.

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