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Well we made our role-play into a photo studio, with dressing up clothes, different chairs, back drop etc we have taken a photograph of each child, bought wooden photo frames from Ikea which the children can decorate however they like,and the calendars going on the bottom.

Not sure about the cards, must chat with the children next week. :o

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I've just been reading this...love it! So true - well done ABC Does :o

Its so hard when parents and other (new) staff / committee expect us to do the cards, calenders, play...etc etc

They make you feel so mean sometimes or just stubborn and contrary!

Anyway this gave me a boost - I will continue resisting!


The children can make cards - the card will be available and an appropriate selection of collage items...they'll do what they want with them...if they want to (last year parents complained their children hadnt done a card...had to explain that was because they'd chosen something else!) xD


We have not done a play for several years...the children will have years of having to prepare for these so I prefer to let them have their freedom a bit longer...

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Ours made fab firework pictures on black card a few weeks ago, I will add a calendar tab to those.

With the play - we talk about it as if it is a game - the children join in if they wish, they wear a selection of cloths and clothes, they play whatever part they wish to.


On the day, we put on a nativity for parents, it is simply narrated by myself and the children again choose which parts they want to play about 10 minutes before the parents come in.


I've just finished making their !presents! which is usually something that they can hang on their trees. This year I liked the simple reindeer in Creative Minds magazine, using 3 brown lolly sticks, 2 googly eyes and a red pom pom nose I have made a "frame" which looks like a reindeer head and in the gap put a photograph of each child. This usually satisfies any creative urges I may have at this time of year and I leave the children to get on with whatever they want to make. This year they have wanted to collage real pieces of christmas tree cuttings with glitter and shiny paper etc. they look great, so I have bought some christmas paper cups and some oasis block for them to stand in.

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I know we really shouldn't 'make' them do an activity, but I have to confess I do make sure all mine go home with a card they have made. I find they usually want to anyway, as they can't resist the lure of a table with glue and glitter! If they didn't independently I would gently encourage, it only takes a minute and means such a lot to the parents. I still have all the ones my children did when they were little, the early ones are just hand prints sprinkled with glitter but I love them!


This year for our cards I have just put out Christmas stamps with paint and glittery bits. They all look lovely. :o

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