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Hi all


Please can I have some help I need to do a child development chart for 0-16 year olds by Thursday I have been going round in circles on the web and getting really confussed just wondered if any one on here would be kind enough to send me a copy of theres as a starting point for me or point me in the right direction please help me :panic:

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We had to do one for our DPP many moons ago. I just got three books: Mary Sheridan, Sharman Cross and Vennis and Meggit and Sutherland (I think).


I started off a table with the age ranges on the left, then three columns for each author. I then just typed in each statement for each age range and carried on until I finished.


I'm sure there are other quicker ways, but I'm afraid my OCD tendencies kicked in! Mind you, it did teach me that when it comes to how children develop, there are not only wide differences from one child to the next, but also from one author to the next!


Mind you, if you need it done by Thursday I hope someone else comes along with a quicker plan. That's not much notice, is it?


Good luck!



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Hi Michelle,




This should take you to a table which will hopefully be helpful.


If it doesn't take you straihgt there - go into google books and search for 'how to observe children' by sheila Riddal Leach and scroll down to pg 144 - not all pages are published but there should be enough to get you going. There is also a table in Penny Tassoni's diploma in pre school practice. :o

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