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Just looking at buying new board games etc. Will ask the children at cklub but just wondered if you had found a miracle cure to prevent boredom in 10 yr old boys and how you did it?


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Computer games :o


They do lots of 'themed' Monopoly games these days, so if your boys are into a particular theme that might work. My son loves his Spongebob Monopoly, he's 8 not 10 but we play a cheat's version (we give out some of the cards first to speed things up).

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I own a 10 year old boy! xD:o


He is very into K'nex and also magic tricks...


To combine the monopoly and computers you can get a version that is 'make your own' and you can upload photos for the 'properties' and print all your own stuff!


Brainbox games are good - short to play...


There are also lots of Harry Potter board games available many combine a quiz with the game.


My son also likes Chess, scrabble, and other strategy games.


At my pre-school we've got a big box of multi-link which came with some puzzle/construction cards which I'm sure would challenge my son.

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Thanks guys...got knex and agree its used daily. The boys do like monopoly and an xbox version maybe a good one! I used to play pass the bomb and think thats an excellent idea. UNO also popular.

Thought those new lego games, meccano???


Keep the ideas coming!

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The lego games which are for the pc are good - as is Harry potter as you need to co-operate with another child to complete some of the tasks as a team effort (thogh if they argue don't buy it).


lego to build for ages 7-9 is great for 10 year olds as they are complex.


Stacking cups can be good too -easy to store/cheap as well.


Just a thought, but how about giving them a project, give them a budget and an argos catalogue (or similar) and seeing what they feel would be best?


You could ask; how much? How long will it last? Will it need upkeep (ie batteries)? Who would be able to join in?


best of luck,


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In our afterschool the Wii went down well and introducing new games regularly has helped with boredom levels.


They love the dance/ sports games


At home we had lego on the computer when my son was younger and he also loved Knex.

Monopoly for the computer went down well too.... particulalry the star wars version!

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