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Having spent a good deal of time moaning about my situation, I finally took a great deal of comfort from your advice and shoulders - so much so that I kicked myself into gear and applied for a new job!


I went for a look around and was blown away at the emphasis this new school put on its FS. I applied not expecting anything - apart from hopefully rocking the boat for the better at my place! Found out today that I've been shortlisted and am now on the cadge for your oh so masterful and wordly advice!


It's for a FS co's job and I really want to impress - as anyone else would! Was hoping whether anyone can give me any insight into what types of questions/group activity/presentation anyone has done recently for a job?


It has definitely rocked the boat at school - more so coz we have a new head since yesterday(!) who has said he doesn't want me to go and has indicated that there are going to be some changes - am just not sre that my patience could wait out any more. I told him that my promises had been empty in the past and although I am leaning towards trusting him, I am still unsure.


I think the best thing I can do for myself is to go for the job, give it a good go and see from there. This means, I need some help!!! Could anybody please make this slightly easier for me and give me some ideas as to what I will be asked etc. I've only ever had one teaching interview and I got the job - but I was a teaching student at the school and I think it was more out of a formality than anything else. Let's just say the school has been a little lapse in it's procedures and although I know I am a good teacher (!) I don't think I was put through my paces during the interview - that's what is worrying me!


Any help would be muchly appreciated!!! Oh am as high as a kite!!! There may be light at the end of the tunnel - even if it is only to be blocked out soon!!! Oh well !!!


D xxx

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I'm sorry - I can't help you but well done for applying for the job and getting shortlisted. :D There have been other topics on interviews on here in the past and Helen's article too. Have you looked at those? Good luck anyway! :)

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Look at the person spec and job description. The questions should link to them as this is what the panel will be trying to find out about. There is generally an equal ops question, which may be presented in various forms: one I wrote was

"you become aware that a group of children in your school are being discriminated against. What would you do?" Could be race, could be G+T, could be SEN/EAL, could be boys underachieving etc........


Think of examples of things you have done that exemplify the areas they are looking for and also think of SMT, you may be FS but a wider view of how this fits within the whole school is important to I think.


Good luck, it'salways exciting to be moving on!


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hi gater

First, congratulations on getting your interview, and good luck with it.

I hope you have read helen's excellent article on interviews fro some hints and tips...if you havent found it yet, Im sure someoene clever can put in the link for you.


If you havent been asked to prepare a presentation yet, you probably wont be, so I wouldnt worry about that.

The questions you will be aksed are likley to cover your understanding of the FS phase, and also the management side of the job. You are likley to be asked why you want the job and what you can bring to xyz school. You may be aked what your curriculum strngths are but also be prepared to say what you know you need training on or need to develop. Saying what you're not good at isnt easy in a interview but is just as important as what you know you excel at.


If you know that you would become part of the schools SMt, you may be asked about your role within the wider school development. When I became FS co. I was asked how I would deal with a difficult colleague, what i thought about FS units, and how I would manage a staffing crisis (it didnt take long to work out WHY i was asked that one!!). I was also asked about how I would raise the profile of the FS within the school, and how I would give feedback in a prefomance management observation that didnt go too well.


Most of all, though, be yourself, and do let us know how you get on.

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hi Gater, just found this one as Ive been away and I can only echo what you have already been told.


Its easy to be nervous in an interview, I always am! But do remember what youve already told them in your supporting statement and dont be afraid to reiterate that in person, if it is relevant. Dont say anything you cant substantiate and dont be unprofessional about your current situation--use the negatives you see there as thinks you would like to develop etc.


Whatever happens, be pleased with yourself that you have been shortlisted and in the event that you dont get the job, ask for feedback. Meanwhile, your new head sounds as if he values you so work with that one too and good luck.

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