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please can you help...a few months ago people were talking about photos in the learning journeys and they mentioned a small camea that also printed out the photos without using ink and I think the paper may have even be sticky backed??? Can anyone tell me what they are called as I can't remember.



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it's a polaroid pogo - we have the printers which connect via usb to our digital cameras. They were used a lot at first, but now not so much as we print a lot of pictures and these work out as expensive to do that, plus they are time consuming. The children like to watch the picture come out - they are quite small, about 4cms by 7cms, so you may find, as we do, that printing a sheet of sticky labels ( 8 to a page size) is more economical and less time consuming


quick edit to say that it's not the children who are 4 x 7cms :( :( xD:o

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