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Not Enough Crbs!


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HI all

Just a quickie..due to persoanl circumstances next week got 4 playworkers working, one lev 3 one lev 2 and 2 unqualified. However, only one got CRB! Others sent off and waiting!.

We need to use two rooms ie classroom and outside or hall. Can i have 2 non crb staff tog so long as they are never alone with the children?

Cant have all children 40 in one class! Damn the fact that CRBs take so long to come back.


Advice please!

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perhasps a call to the company doing the crbs , they may be able to help..


but as far as Ofsted are concerned I think the recommendation is not to employ until you have them, which we all know is unworkable, and if it is them doing the checks would ring and ask why it is taking so long!


I am assuming they are new staff and never had one before... or do they have form previous employment which while not really ideal could perhaps hold some argument as to why you have employed them..



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Our level 3 does not have a crb with us but did have one for previous job (its states so on her reference from them). Thing is unworkable. Had 2 qualified staff leave at same time plus our unqualified (student went to uni). Have just employed other staff and did crbs straight away (talking about 3 weeks ago?). What arre we supposed to do close? Where would that leave 40 parents?

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