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Help!teaching Assistant Interview In The Reception Class


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Hi i have an interview next week as a teaching assistant in the reception class at a primary school

i have a level 3 in child care and my placement was in the recption class while doing my course.


I was wondering if anybody knows what type of questions they will ask me?


and what type of questions i can ask them


they have already told me that the first 20 mins when i arrive i have to do a child observation.


please help!



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Hi, hope I can help a little. I had a simular interview a few years ago and got the job.


The obvious questions would be on the EYFS and the ECM outcomes.

I had lots of questions on free play and when to interact with a child and when to observe.

The most memerable question was what to do if the teacher had a heart attack in the classroom. Bizarre I know but very thought provoking!

I think the thing to put across is that a TA is often there to model important learning skills and support children. I always mention listening and conversation skills. I always cringe when I watch teachers trying to teach children how to listen and then have poor conversation skills with their own TA's!

Qualities to mention would be good observation skills and note taking. If a teacher is on the panel anything to lighten their load is always a bonus paperwork wise.


Good luck - I'm sure it will go well :-)

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Great advice from jotee - welcome to the Forum by the way!


I'd also think that safeguarding will be a pretty high priority, so you might want to gen up on the local safeguarding children's board procedures, etc.


Good luck - come back and let us know how you get on, Kim.



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I was also asked to give examples of times I had supported a child's learning and times I had dealt with difficult behaviour, you know those times when you can never think of anything!!

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Thanks for all your advice.I went to my interview today and i had to observe one child for 10 mins

then i had the interview i had 3 people interviwing me

they asked me


1 Tell them about my experience with children

2 why i want this job

3 How will i ensure health and safety

4 how would i promote equal ops

5 what would i do if a child told me a secret that he was being abused

6 how i would deal with a disruptive child

7 how i would support the Teacher

8 How would i involve parents

9 How would i help promote lanuage development

10 tell about an successful activity i have done with children


I answered all the questions so we will just see what happends

Thanks again ladies.

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