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Hi, I wonder if anyone has any tips or suggestions.... please??? xD


We have a child at pre-school who is 47 months old and been attending us for 13 months. He has always caused me a little concern, and I have spoken to our SENCo who thinks his behaviour is more to do with genetics - as his mother behaves in a similar way..


well now mum has asked me for some advice on his behaviour and I just don't know what to say!


basically his behaviours are:-

he finds it very hard to concentrate even for 1 minute, he turns around and looks behind him when you try to talk to him.

he can't follow simple instructions and often gives a really inappropriate answer to questions (did you enjoy playing in the

water? answer: eleven)

he doesn't respond to his name (but doesn't appear to be a hearing problem)

he copies the way other children talk and move but doesn't seem to be aware that he's doing it! (mispronouncing letter

sounds even though we know he can speak very clearly)

if a child asks a question he will ask exactly the same question

he calls my name and when I answer he just calls again... and again..... and again...., I can answer each time but he's not

listening to the answer!

when he's collected and I say 'mummy's here' he ALWAYS answers 'where?' even though she is standing in the doorway!


however, mum is a bit the same because when she is talking, she's looking all around, doesn't wait for the answer before she says something else... and TODAY, she called me by totally the wrong name and looked really confused when I corrected her!!!!!!


While it is hard to say..... I'm actually finding it really annoying (a feeling I am very uncomfortable with) and am just at a loss to know what else to do or say...


If anyone has any words of wisdom, suggestion, advice, I would be extremely grateful. I am not experienced in this area so it is all a bit new to me... and without SENCo support it is difficult.


Thank you!!



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So if Mum is asking for help and you have concerns about his behaviour whats stopping you asking for an assessment or referral to an Early Years panel, it may be 'genetic' but is obviously an issue for Mum and she doesn't want her son to struggle as she does maybe ? Do lots of observations, ask your Early Years team/Inco for support and get the child referred asap , as he will soon be off to school and the sooner the better where help is needed.

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I find it odd that your senco is putting it down to genetics without actually considering the possibility that maybe mum has something wrong with her as well which was just never diagnosed! I would be trying to get a refereal to someone with more expertise in the area who can assess him as soon as possible.

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Guest mukerjee1

From what you have written, it does seem that you have some cause for concern - I would advise that his hearing be checked asap, document as much as possible, and, as you have mum concerned, also bring in your early years team/inco too...

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ADHD is genetic and manifests itself with many of the symptoms you describe.


Push your SENCO for a proper referral/assessment!

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