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from next week i have to plan my circle time. was thinking of reading owl babies/going on a bear hunt to the group, i have to write down what my outcomes are for the children, e.g. what are the children going to get out of me reading this book. has anyone got any ideas.



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Learning and Teaching Scotland had a fabulous powerpoint a couple of years ago, but I've just looked and it's not there now. It was about how they took an element of Bear Hunt each day (or week, I forget) and really went into it. We did it at preschool too and made swishy swashy grass using strips of green paper (cut on the paper cutter) which they stuck down to a big card. They did some fingerpainting of big swishing grass. We went into the churchyard opposite to see who could find the longest blade of grass and brought them back and measured them and made a graph by size. We sowed grass seeds and we made a big bear on the lawn with grass cuttings.


This was the theme - so we did stuff with water, we made squelchy mud, we made snow with packaging polystyrene and defrosted the fridge! We played hunt the bear and made a little bear garden in a gratnell tray. We played 'kim's game' with some plastic coloured bears where they had to tell me which bear I'd taken off the tray. Golly all kinds of stuff I can't remember, but we finished with a teddy bear's picnic

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