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Hi help please. :(

We are a packaway setting and have large heavy boards that we presently display artwork on and push to the side of the stage at the end of a session as the hall is multi-used.

Following a wonderful idea on here of a art gallery we would like to separate the boards with each child's individual space for them to choose and display their art when the children would like to.

My dilemma is how can i do this to identify to the children their spot and to parents but enable us to protect names etc when we are not there.

We currently have 50 children on roll rising to 60 in January 2011.

So the thought of taking name cards down each session is really a no no, any innovative ideas would be gratefully received.

I'm sure there is a way but my minds all fuzzy.

Thank you. :(xD:o:(

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If you are only using a childs first name and possibly initial for surname on their work, I would have thought this might be protection enough against identification. Lately we have only been using the children's own marks on the paintings etc. to identify them and quite a few would not be understood by anyone else.


Could you give each family a numbered space and you keep a record of number/child.

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Thanks panders hadn't thought of numbering the spaces to child and then giving to parent. :o


I just had a thought of letting the child choose an individual sticker and sending out a letter to parents explaining the idea and a copy of their child's individual space/sticker.

Will chat with the staff team and see what they all think. xD

Any other ideas will be gratefully received thank you.

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