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Hi I ve a lovely 2 year old little boy I ve cared for for the last 18 months who over the last week or so has developed a stammer.he s quite a gentle little fellow and quite sensitive at times but generally happy and easy going .

sometimes he s worse than others ,especially when he s tired but seems to have difficulty getting out what he s trying to say,mostly at the start of a sentence.

up until then his language had been developing fine and he can easily name things,likes to sing songs and can string simple sentences together.


I ve mentioned it to mum and she noticed it too and is going to mention it to the health visitor next time she sees her .

He got a new baby sister 3 months ago but there did nt appear to be any major problems with that as he just seemed to accept her so dont think this is the issue


I just wondered if anyone had any experience of this or any advice




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I've known two children that did this and grew out of it again within a few months with no intervention. They were both given time to speak with no reference being made to their difficulty which was for them an effective strategy.


On a recent speech and language course we were told that they liked to see children with any sort of difficulty asap because early intervention makes such a difference. For that reason they see many children whose problems resolve themselves but are very happy to do this if it means they get to see the ones who need intervention early. Hopefully, if that's the policy in your area, the HV will arrange for a SALT referral.

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Could it be a delayed reaction to the new baby? For instance, baby crying, mum maybe rushes the child to get on with what he's saying, so she can tend to baby, not meaning to upset him but you know how it is when you have a new baby and you're tired.


I'd give it a little while before asking for official intervention, have a google for some strategies to help in the meantime. Above all else, don't rush him or try to speak for him.

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i wondered if he was talking to get attention but then has nothing to say and is trying to think of something -if you understand what I mean.


we ve not made any reference to him about it and we re trying to make sure he s got enough time to say what he needs to .Mum and dad are very supportive which is great.


it was just quite alarming at how this suddenly started happening and how quickly its escalated and I was nt sure how to best to handle it .

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Our children centres offer fortnightly or monthly speech and language drop ins where parents can come with their children if they are worried about any aspect of their development.


We have found it incredibly helpful for parents to be able to talk to a speech and language therapist so they can ask basic questions about their child's speech to see if there is anything to worry about, and means the child is seen without having to join a long waiting list for the initial consultation.


It might be worth enquiring if yours does something similar - as you say it is very alarming when these things start very suddenly and it can be very reassuring to get quick advice from a professional.



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