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Help With Eyfs For Reception Children


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I haven't looked after school age children since the EYFS came in.

Two of the little girls I look after have just started school, and I'm struggling with the paperwork for them.

Do I still have to do daily observations and planning for them, and if so, for how long?

Once we've been to the park on the way home from school, and read the school books, it's almost dinner time, then picking up time.

I just can't find much to write about!!


Also, I'm now minding a 9 month old baby.

Do I need to do daily obs for her, or would weekly be ok?


Thanks anyone who reads this :o

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When children are in school full time I tend to make observations of 'wow' developmental moments and social events only.


It's good practice to have an arrangement with all the other people who share the child's care. I have a letter produced in triplicate and signed by each party - parent, teacher and me (could be other carers too), granting permission from parents for teachers and me to share infomation.


It's the school's job, as the primary provider, to produce the profile (?) and if I observe new development I often share this with the teacher. I also share if I think there is a problem (had a child with increasing hearing problems, and it was good that we were all able to share our experience so that we confirmed each other's suspicions.


I tend to make photographic observations of anything developmental I see in little children because I forget so soon.


Enjoy these children.



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I don't do daily observations for any of the children!


I do one obs over a week of sessions for little ones (all part timers) and a couple over a month for school age children.


To this they add photos of their crafts / them doing activities etc, comments they have made, things parents have said, questionnaires they have completed, ideas for future planning they have contributed to etc.


This builds up into a nice learning journey over the months and shows progression without being too heavy on my time. :o

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When my little minded boy started reception I decided to take a step back and concentrate on the more social side of his learning and development. I carried on doing the monthly obs (ofsted very happy with this) and then nearing the end of his reception year I took his folder into school, with post-it notes on all the early learning goals I had not observed him achieving (mainly in the cll and psrn areas), and I arranged a meeting with his teacher and she took me through all of her evidence and together we completed his folder.


I am very lucky that I have a very good relationship with the reception class teacher (my little girl was at nursery with her son at the time!).


I felt it was inappropriate for me to be making him do reading and maths stuff after school when all he wanted to do was relax and have a bit of fun with his friends.




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