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Just a quick question, I have found some fab cp documents on here and it has really helped me as we have none in our school. As I am in Nursery I wanted to know what I should be using in the development matters/ objectives section - a lot of cp documents have the ELGs, should I be using them?

Thanks :)

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Thanks Cait for the PM! Tried to message you thanks but your inbox is full! :)



Oh no! must go and do some 'weeding'!


All weeded - are those any use to you at all?

Edited by Cait
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Hi Fairybex and Cait,


I'm in a pre-school (children are 2 - reception) and so was wondering the same - whether I need the ELG's on the con prov that I downloaded or add the dev matters strands that are relevant. Could I cheekily ask for a look at some of the ones you have.


I hope you don't mind.



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