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Hi all,

Have been asked to complete an action plan for FS and an ICT by next Friday. Have never done either before and was wondering if anyone could give me some general headings to tailor an action paln for my setting?

All contributions gratefully received as I'm also having to prepare to move (not planned else would never have done term time!)




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I would have thought there was a common school format that is use by everyone in the school - otherwise it's all a bit idiosyncratic!


However - before you start think carefully about the actual impact you want to make. What do you want to be different to how it is now. Next consider the baseline picture - use data if you need to here. And then think through what steps you need to make to make it different and how will you know. That way you have realistic concrete goals that can be pinned down rather than aspirational statements that are often too vague and not about actual change.

I would also say you need to know what were any key issues relating to EYFS in previous Ofsteds, what's in the SEF currently as areas for development and is there anything in the termly SIP report???


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Hi all I know this is a little late from when the post was put in however, I am sharing a EY action plan that we used. I wont take the credit as it wasnt made by me but I don think it is easy to use. Ive left the info in so you can see how I filled it in. Alos school logo removed from top and school name.


Hope this saves people lots of time!

Action Plan-Leading to excellence in EY.doc

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