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Yesterday my sister in law asked me whether I had received notification of the coalition govt's proposed changes? for example ECM and the 5 outcomes being disbanded, plus calls to change the word 'safeguarding' back to 'child protection' - I said I hadn't heard anything at all - she works in the health service (targeted service) which apparently will no longer be referred to as targeted but known as 'fairer' service.


Has anyone else heard anything? If so can you post a link please - I have searched but obviously am not looking in the right places.


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and how much is this re-branding going to cost!!! Think of all the publications and documents, letterheads, envelopes etc this terminology is used on, including the whole inspection process and SEF!!!!!!


I'd rather the money was spent on achieving better things for children, especially as half the terminology means the same thing!!! GRRR


Typical egotistical behaviour - peacocks spring to mind!

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