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Dinosuar Topic For Fs/ 1 And 2 Class


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This is my first post on here so hope I've managed to do it correctly! I'm currently teaching a FS, 1 and 2 class and hoping to do a topic on dinosaurs, the problem is I'm unsure how to link history in with KUW activities so I can try and meet the NC objectives. I've got all other areas sorted out but I'd be grateful for any ideas or plans so I could try and get my head around it all.


Thank you :o

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Hi espo6njn


Welcome to the forum I am sure you will get lots of advice on this from folk on here.


Looking at Dev Matters KUW / Time it states

Develop an understanding of growth, decay and changes over time

Begin to differentiate between past and present

use time related words in conversations


In Exploration and Investigation it states

Show curiosity in the features of objects and living things

Show and awareness of change

Explain own knowledge and understanding

Ask thinkgs about why things happen


I think all of those would link with history in KS1 such as

use common words and phrases relating to the passing of time [for example, before, after, a long time ago, past].

to ask and answer questions about the past.


Good luck and enjoy the topic!



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Some things I did with my class are:

Looking at fossils and making our own fossils by pushing our feet into play dough then filling the cast with concrete.

MAking prints in sand and play dough

Making a dinosaur information book.

Cave art

Chalking a life size dinosaur on the pavement.

Working out how big a dinosaur poop would have been.

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Hi espo6njn and welcome to the forum.

We also explored this area with our children last term. This evolved from two children being interested in bones in their own bodies. We were lucky to beable to borrow a full skeleton to look at in greater detail and then it lead to bones in other species bodies including dinosaurs.

One of the activities we explored with the children in our setting was small scale dinosaur bones that had been placed in a plaster of paris and sand mix.

The children became excavators with different types of tools including brushes of differing size, clay tools etc to find the dinosaur bones. The children were totally absorbed in this activity for a great length of time.

As Lorna w highlighted this covered many development matters statements especially in KUW.

I hope you all have as much fun as we did. :o

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We are currently in the middle of a dinosaur topic in Reception - the kids are loving it. This week they have excavated dog bones of all different sizes and created their own dinos. Lots of speaking and listening, talking about longer/shorter, working together etc xx

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