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Dear all,


I've been invited to interview for a senior role at Kids Unlimited, but I'm starting to have second thoughts as everyone I tell says "oh" and then follows this with some terrible story they've heard about how KU treat senior staff, and how initiative and enthusiasm seem to get beaten out of everyone who works there. Are they really as bad as all that? I'm looking for a career move where I can settle and spend a number of years and want to make the right choice - the last thing I want is to find myself working somewhere where I can't use my initiative, and find myself struggling for motivation.


Anyone got any advice they could give me??



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about to pm you.

That's a good idea, louby loo.


Everyone's experiences and opinions about any given organisation are different, and it can be hard to make a decision about your own career based on the experiences of others with your prospective employer, whether they be happy or difficult ones. The employer/employee relationship is a bit like a marriage - no-one really knows what it is like except for the two people involved, and even then there will be different perspectives and viewpoints.


I would feel very uncomfortable reading negative posts about any employer once they have been named in a thread because you will only ever hear one side of the story, and the employer will not have a right of reply. Also there is the risk that comments made might be libellous, but I'm sure Steve or Helen are best placed to comment on the Forum policy on that one!


curlydannii these comments have certainly made you think about whether you want to apply - could you perhaps address these issues with the interview panel and express clearly what you need from any prospective employer in terms of support, career progression etc?


Good luck, whatever you decide!



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Hi Maz,


Thanks for your input - you're right of course... I've got myself so muddled up over whether to go for this interview or not based on other people's opinions that I've lost sight of the fact that the most important opinion is my own! I shall go to the interview and use my own eyes and ears to make up my own mind. Thanks to looby loo for sharing your experience, it's made me decide that if I were to be offered the position I'd want to spend time in the room to get a real feel for what it's like before I made up my mind. As with all chain nurseries I'm sure some are better than others, and if what is hear is right, this one is among the best in the KU chain, so I'm hoping to be really pleasantly surprised by my experience.



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