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Hi everyone!


I'm moving up to Year 2 from F2 next year, and I know it's the holidays, but am trying to do some topic planning. Has anyone got any exciting, creative ideas I can do for Florence Nightingale? I want to bring a more FS approach to Year 2, but am struggling with this topic. So far the only creative idea I can come up with is to make lamps!


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!





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Guest LornaW

First of all do you HAVE to do Florence?

Second what part of the world are you in?


There is nothing in the NC that says you have to study Florenece but a QCA unit is all about her have you looked on the old QCA site




and the learning objective is about the life of a famous person so if your school doesn't mind you not studying florence then perhaps there is a famous person in your town local area you could choose instead and then you could make a visit there and go from there. A role play area related to the famous person could be made and the children could then become that person in the role play.


I think I have an old Infant Project magazine somewhere I will have a look and see if they have any other ideas and get back but I am sure there will be lots of good advice from others on here.



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Hi, did Florence about 4 years ago with year one and they loved it.


I started with a drama, the children being florence's mum, dad and florence; acting out parents not wanting her to become a nurse, lots of hot seating and persuaisive writing as Florence tries to persuade parents to let her go to war or parents to persuade Florence to stay at home. This led into lots of pse about sexism and why her parents thought the war wasn't safe for women and why women shouldn't have jobs. The feminist in me really went to town on this!


Think we google earthed her journey from england to crimea and acted that out (lots of sea sick children!!!) and talked about how we travel today, surveys on the best way to travel etc. Had a hospital role play, I remember a child screaming in the school corridor because he was in so much pain and couldn't go to the hospital becaude it was cramped and full of rats much to a passing teacher's confusion!


Can also start with lots of sentences written down about Florence, they have to decide if fact, fiction or unsure then at the end of the topic look back and check their answers (good on electronic whiteboard) I always like making up facts, the sillier the better! BBC used to have a child friendly website on her which told you that she had a pet owl and its name!


I know my old school no longer do florence and all my resources were shoved in a box in the back of the library there. Sorry.


Have a feeling there is a florence nightingale museum and possibly a statue in london.


Also think we did this towards the end of the year and it was tied in with literacy as children had to make a non fiction book about her life.


Hope this helps x


edit -

I always like making up facts,

surely if i make up facts they can't be facts? I meant fictitious sentences!

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That's fab!!!!


Thank you so much for your help!


I like the idea of turning the role play into a hospital from Florence's time... I think a trip to Ikea is needed to buy lots of cuddly rats! haha

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I don't know where you are in the country but I am in Kent and we have this leaflet at school from a 'real life' visitor production company - they cost 125 pound for the day - maybe your PTA could help you with funds but 'Florence' comes in for the day - she brings artefacts, the children do Drama, signing, art, music, problem solving and team work activities - the children dressed as they would have from that time and they had an amazing day. From the same company we have had Henry the 8th, A Roman solider, An Egyptian mummy, Scott of the Antartic, a medieval knight and two world war 2 soldiers. They also do half days for about 70 pounds I think but they are very good - they also run whole days for the school in February we are have a CSI day where the whole school become Forensic investigators and solve a crime using DNA and finger prints - very cool!!!!! Anyway if you live near or around Kent they may be of some use but I wont be able to get the number till we go back.



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