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Hi all

Well to be honest I losing patience with OFSTED. Chair has received a letter today to say that our Manager is unsuitable as they she has not sent in a CRB form and that they have tried to contact her on numerous occassions. This has been going on for a year!

Our manager has sent in 3 CRB forms (the 4th one going recorded delivery today!) and she has phoned them on occassions to chase her application/CRB up!!


Do they know what they are doing over there?!!


Here's to expecting an inspection any day now (4 and half years since last one!) because of this.


Recruitment is not going very well....interviewed a level 3 experienced (works in pre-school) candidate who could not tell us anything about the EYFS or child protection!


Still waiting for other application forms to be returned but none so far..

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So sorry Marley.. but that is par for the course...


I remember having a similar letter several times.. telling me I was not suitable... and that they had contacted me several times... NEVER did they contact me and the first I knew about it was the letter... Having been running the setting for 8 years and had 4 Ofsted's while doing so I did cause quite a huge fuss and issue about this , and had a formal apology letter from them , only for exactly one year later for them to do it AGAIN!..


Then there was the same every year with committee forms, all 6 sent in one envelope always recorded delivery, 3 they claimed not to have received, but 3 had CRB forms sent to them! Work that one out!


I also had a phone call once to check who I had on staff and committee ( this was when they approved staff as well) , only to find that none of my staff were on their list, when they had all worked with me for at least 3 years and we had the approval letters, but there was a list of people I had never heard of and who had never had anything to do with the setting, and the committee list they had was 2 years old..letters and forms were sent every time there were changes, but I began to wonder why we bothered!


and what really irked me even more was that if I had one word out of place or one piece of paper missing I would get marked down in any inspection.


DO the usual phone call, and make it known that this is not acceptable and that sending the same paperwork 3 times is just not on.. not that it will help much! Nothing ever seems to change there..


Good luck



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Hi everyone


I really feel for you Marley, I have really given up on Ofsted lately! :(


we have had very similar stories with all the CRB's mine included but now they have thankfully got me on record and tell me that I no longer need to be checked ever again for this job! which is fine but then when I tried to get a copy of my CRB for uni I couldn't get hold of one any where. They wouldn't send me out a copy even though it had got lost in the post a situation they had never fixed and my committee shredded mine as they were supposed to when they hit the time limit. Left me in a very difficult space with uni although they understood and worked around it!


we then had our inspection and were so demoralised after they left, considering we are normally quite dynamic and enthusiastic it was just horrible. The inspector was rude to the parents, rude to the children (in fact we wondered if she even liked children in the end) and didn't want to know much about what we had done to improve our practice etc. she just picked fault with the building we have to run out of. Most of what she picked up on was really conjecture and subject to personal opinion. In the end we complained about the whole thing.


They are not my fav people to say the least! At least we bought ourselves another three years, which we felt in the end was good considering she just kept going on about 'these kind of pre-schools' (we have to work our of the local memorial hall) and seemed to think the ice was our fault!!! :o


ooooh I could go on but better not xD


I hope you get it all sorted!!

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Phew at least we are not alone then!

I think somebody must be making pots of money out of this CRB thing. Sent off CRBs for 3 staff about 2-3 months ago and since then 2 of them have resigned..what a waste of money! About time the CRBs were made transferable. Our manager already has one for our local pre-school (last year), I have now got 3 for the last 2 years (2 settings, one committee).


Am just waiting for OFSTED to get my health declaration and say that as Im now bank staff that they need to do a further CRB check!??!

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They really do suck at organising themselves! I sent 4 forms in an envelope, recorded delivery!. then got a call to say that they had recieved 1 but not the others! so i argued with the lady on the phone... and then really got annoyed and asked for her name... then read out the name and address and the contents of my envelope and the reciept.... she politely said she would look into it and get back to me, they apparently sent the different forms to different departments! ... that was 11 weeks ago now and ive heard nothing at all since!

Theres times when i think it would be much better to go and stack shelves in asda than to be judged by people who clearly cant do their own jobs let alone monitor ours xD


Hope you have better luck this time :o

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Hi alison


No stacking shelves is not an option im afraid! Been there and done that a couple of years ago before I got into this pre-school lark....its sooooo boring!!!

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