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Settings In Cricket Pavilions?


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I've been searching for premises for a nursery for ages without success and a potential share of a cricket pavilion has just come up.


Does anyone work in a pack away setting in a cricket club pavilion ? If so, I would be vey grateful if you could highlight any particular positives or negatives, or give any general feedback as to the mutual benefits.


If anyone would be willing to share any 'ball park' figures of rental charged this would also be extreemly useful.


Any comments / advice from anyone would be very welcome.


Thank you.

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We are in a pavilion in the middle of a field. There is actually no cricket team but there are two football teams that use it.

We have loved the location because it is idyllic in the summer and quite lively in the winter. However, sharing with a sport's team has been a challenge. They are FILTHY and there was no system for cleaning after them so we had to do it. They use our stuff and break things and complain constantly about us because they don't want to share the building at all. Whenever there is any disagreement we are told by everyone that we are unimportant and only sport matters not children and we should be chucked out even if that puts us out of business.

However, to be fair that is only one or two people here who are acting badly and the quiet majority have been fine and the Parish Council has given us nearly everything we asked for.

We are now lucky enough to be leaving and going to a refurb in the local school.

The rent was just a peppercorn although they do put it up 10% at a time.

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Only thing that springs to my mind about 'cricket clubs' .......... and this may have changed over the years, is that the cricket season starts before the term ends (I haven't actually got a clue!!!) Therefore I knew a setting that could only open 33/4ish weeks a year, as the cricket team wanted full all day use of the hall on some days from early summer.

As I said this was years ago, or this might not be the case with you- but only being open shorter weeks and on the full 38 could effect funding status.


Hope it goes well for you, keep us updated - it's something I'm thinking of doing too. xxx

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we have a local group that uses a cricket club (don't think they are on the forum though......silly people xD )they are pack away but only at the weekends or for evening functions. It seems to work for them and they have been able to add a small play area to the side for their use....they do use the field but seem to spend a lot of time poo picking :o from the local dog brigade.

It is a local team and not too busy so doesn't seem to cause too many problems, disabled acceess limited though.

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