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Hi all


My Nursery are taking part in the ECAT ( every childs a talker ) programme and we are making up talking bags to take home and I am trying to think of some songs,poems or rhymes about castles.

So far all i can think of is "there was a princess long ago"



Many thanks


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is the link for this book, "Music Express Foundation Stage: Activities, Learning Intentions, Recordings, Videoclips (Music Express)"


It's got "In the hairy scary castle" on it which our children completely love!


I think the tune is like the bit of the peter rabbit song that goes "powder puff & curly whiskers"

and the words are


In the hairy scary castle

In the hairy scary castle

In the hairy scary castle

where the chains go rattle

and the ghosts go BOO!


It works well sitting or creeping around the room with plastic garden chain or shower curtain hooks looped together, which we shake and rattle.


Great fun!


The whole book is great too.

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