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Hi Im having a 1hr coffee and cake session next week for the new reception parents and children and the old reception parents and children. Im planning on setting up an area for parents to chat whilst staff play some games with the children.

Just wondering if anyone has any bright ideas for what to do with them. Im not anticipating a great turn out but this is the first time ive done this to try and build a better relationship with parents before the year starts.

Im going to do games and things with my current class anyway, and then others can join in if they do turn up!


So large group games? any ideas?

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Duck duck goose. Simon says, head shoulders knees and toes, gradually leaving out singing one of the elements is always good fun, the pirate song When I was one, I sucked my thumb the day I went to see (loud and crazy but good fun). What's the time Mr. Wolf, Please Mr. Crocodile,

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Hi, just wanted to update. About 1/3 of new parents came, only a couple of current parents. But those that came seemed quite happy.

With the children we played a few games, had a cake and finished with some singing.

Parents had coffee and cake, chatted with the TA and the head popped in aswell.

Next time i will: ''advertise'' more, and try to ''lose''a few of my children up to Yr1 who need that bit extra transition (not poss. this year).

For a first attempt this was a success and i will try again next year!


definately worth it.

lucie x

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