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I hold my hands up and say I am really not up to trawling the net or writing my own employment contract tonight. However, I need a new one preferably by tomorrow so thought I would 'beg' on here.

I am hoping to use it for all staff including apprentices and other student placements. I know there have been changes to maternity pay/leave and just wondered if some wonderful, kind person had an employment contract that they wouldn't mind sharing? I would be forever grateful and do feel somewhat lazy asking for help but it's just been one of those days today!!

Thanks in advance :o

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Guest jenpercy

It may be that there is some confusio because 5.6 weeks, prorata-ed for school year is 4 weeks.

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Are you sure? I didn't think this was an exact calculation for term-time employees.


I believe you have to work out the number of hours the employee works over the whole year.




If she works 30 hours for 38 weeks, then that's 1140 hours for the whole year.


You then have to take the figure of 46.4 (which is 52 weeks minus 5.6...the number of weeks of holiday pay, as HappyMaz has said) and divide 1140 by 46.4. This gives you 24.56.


You then multiply 24.56 by 5.6, to get your holiday entitlement, which in this case is 137.6 hours.


This isn't the same as 4 weeks holiday entitlement, which would have been 4 x 30 = 120 hours.

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