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I am interested in what topics other people do. I am teaching Reception and since taking over I have inherited colour - autumn term, toys -spring term and growing - summer term after 3 years going on 4 I am bored!!!! some inspiration from other people would be appreciated. Not sure I can face another year of the same. :o

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Hi Michaelle


I find myself in the same situation as you. I started at the school 3 years ago as an NQT and inherited the topics of sound and music and the senses for the summer term! and found that i am getting very very bored of these topics. I had the only reception class last year and was involved in an africa project so changed the topics to suit me but i am back working alongside the Foundation Stage co-ord who is determined that it should continue as usual!!

Our head is very open to change (in fact she is dying for things to change!!!) but she has a battle on her hands with many of the older members of staff so she has asked me and the Year 6 teacher to try out something new in the 2nd half of the summer term so we are being given free reign on what we want to do - quite excting really!

So i was just wondering if any one has any ideas of topics/books etc that you hve tried and enjoyed that could allow me to use the CURRICULUM CREATIVELY?????


Thanks Sarah


p.s. my other topics so far have been

Myself - including the senses so why i need to repeat? i do not know!

Materials - yawn

Spring Festivals



but i think that these are too similar to many of the Y1 topics and that the children are getting too much of a repeat ... but that is another topic/moan altogether!!!!


right i'm off now enough moaning!!!! :o:D

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I agree with Beau, What are CHILDREN really interested in,

Bob the Builder,


Super heroes ( link with materials, Spiderman-silk webs, Rubber man- or is that stretching the imagination too far!!,)

Bat Man-Automobile-metal,



Pets is popular in our group, this has carried on since September, We have an imaginary cat, who plays with the children at least twice a week(their idea, not mine).


Glad you've got a forward thinking headteacher, have lots of fun :D



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Transport and travel


The farm

Under the water and on the beach (particularly good for the summer)


Traditional stories


The bears one is always popular and has lots of scope with so many books around. And the travel and transport is enjoyed-going out and watching the sort of traffic that goes by, how do we travel to school, where do we go on holiday etc?


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We have done:-

Ourselves - body part, senses etc. inc homes - role play area home corner and doctor's surgery

People who help us - in school, in the community - good for visitors coming in - role play area Post office/police station

Food - my personal favourite topic! - healthy eating, food from different cultures. Role play area - cafe/Chinese Restaurant

Growing - plants, food (but need to be careful you don't cover Y1 science) - role play area garden centre or flower shop

Animals - farm, pets and wild - role play area pet shop or vets

Transport/journeys - different forms of transport and can include different countries etc. Role play area - bus station or airport

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Animals and their homes

Fantasy land (fairies, kingdoms, princesses, magic forest, unicorns etc!)



Food - yep, yum yum


Traditional Tales - as in gingerbread man, red riding hood etc

North Pole (can come into animals and their homes or stand alone)


We are doing Animals and their homes for summer 1, and Holdays for summer 2.

Really looking forward to holidays. making a role play travel agent, putting a tent up in the classroom, making the water tray into a rock pool, putting sand on the floor. :D:D:D

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We revamp out topics too as I have a low bordom threshold So at the moment we are covering 'umbrella' themes which allow us to go off in all sorts of directions according to the children's interests.


All about me (this loosley turns into to ourselves and celebration)

Bears (with you Linda on this, children love it, teddy bears picnic being the end of term treat)

Out and About (this could be growing, journeys, tansport, holidays) and we do quite simple visits like the library, the shops, the city centre etc etc.

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We do:

Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales (Autumn)

Ourselves (Spring 1)

People who help us (Spring 2 - but they love it so much we might go on into the summer term this year!) (lots of visitors)

Growing and the farm (visit to farm)

Water (visit to beach!)


My only worry with topics is that I sometimes feel I am not really going with the children's interests enough - they love what we do but I sometimes worry that I shouldn't have decided a topic at all but let it all come from them - the thing is, how?


Worry, worry (just found out Ofsted are coming next term so am panicking about everything)

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Hi, I have a topic I love teaching and that is the 'Jolly Postman'. You fit in all the traditional tales week by week. You can make postcards, invitations linked to the story etc. The children love it so much and we also look closely at the role of the postman!!!!!


Other topics:


Travelling around the world (hot and cold countries)




Hope this is useful




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Our topic after easter is Boxes. I just know the children are going to love it. I also found some web sites where for around £20 you can buy packing boxes 10 small and 10 large, all big enough for the children to crawl into (hopefully big enough for me too!!) :D

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I know what you mean swordfish about letting the children chose the topic. We were going to do All About Me next term but a few of the children in pre-school have really been into dressing up as firemen and policemen. So we have decided to go with People Who Help Us instead. It's not one we have done before so I am looking forward to something different.


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We doing at the moment " Ten in the bed"

-Under the deep blue sea

This two are interesting. Rest is usual, what everybody mentioned.

Ten in the bed working very well with children, lots of knowledge and understanding, language creative ereas been covered. The children I work are 3-4 years old- FS1. We made bear cave with all natural recources and children were overhelmed.

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