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Subject Books Vs Learning Journey

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I'm currently the Y1 teacher in my school, but in September I will be moving into Reception as the class teacher is on maternity.

We are currently trying to establish orders etc for the new academic year and I'm unsure as to whether the children in reception would benefit from subject books (e.g. 'Writing Activites', 'Number Work' etc) as has been the current set up, or if I should continue the practice from our Pre-school setting of having 'Learning Journeys' where all work is together in one file.


Any thoughts or advice?






p.s. this is my first post to the forum, whooo :)

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In my setting we use Learning Journals for the autumn term & then introduce CLL/PSRN books in Spring 2 - but continue LJ's for the other areas of learning/obs etc. So the 2 go hand in hand raelly. They are all then passed up to yr1 - Lj's continued (as appropriate) for Aut 1 in Yr 1 - then sent home to parents. So a bit of both for us!

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I use learning stories/journals. I have had a CLL books as well for adult guided work but not sure if I really need it. All maths in practical and anything recorded is either on whiteboards or will added to their learning journey. x

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I agree on the Learning Journeys, I used to have writing books for the children to access for mark making as well and in the summer term the reception would have "Maths Jotters" to prepare hem for having maths books in Y1, they would take these into Y1 with them so that the teacher could see the progress.

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Guest heleng

I think that learning journeys and subject books are two completely different things.


The children have two books. A work book used to record the few pieces of 'formal' work that we do throughout the year and this can be anything from writing practice to maths or sequencing activities etc. And a news journal, this is their personal book for them to write or record anything they want. This journal is not marked and they only show me their work if they want to. We do have news journal slots (twice a week), the book is in their drawer for them.


Learning journals are first and foremost for me. They have obs and pictures in showing the children's interests and their achievements, wow slips from parents and pieces of work they have done on paper and have chosen to go in their learning journeys. I use them for planning, reports and assessing progress.


So we use both for different reasons. I think they are both valid but you need to see what works for you and your children.

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