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Hi all, we are having some 'hiccups' with staff salaries, and I'm trying to work out where the issue is. I think it must be at the stage where they complete time sheets and the treasurer tells our payroll person how much to pay.


Please could you describe how you get staff to do timesheets/pass this info onto payroll?


Many thanks.

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The way we do it is the member of staff completes their timesheet for the hours they have worked, I then check it to make sure sickness has been taken off / holidays recorded etc and then pass the final number of hours to be paid to the nursery secretary who sends thee hours to payroll.


Seems to work ok for us although the checking can be quite time consuming!


Hope that helps!

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I have an excel spreadsheet where you type in your start time, and your end time and it calculates how many hours you've worked. When we did it initially we found there was a problem with the hours being converted to a number - it didn't always work it out properly. So someone very clever did another conversion that works out the hours as a decimal and we haven't had any problems since then.


I can let you have a copy if it sounds like you could use it!



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ours were similar to Maz


we had an excel spreadsheet where the manager put the hours worked in from the register arrival and departure times...in this way they were checked as entered in - this then added them up , given to treasurer to pay wages from..


it had a calculation at the bottom with total hours and wage rate which worked out the gross wage to pay as well..


ours were done monthly


sorry don't think I have a copy any more.. will check if available will post it..



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