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Jack And The Beanstalk


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This week, we are looking at the book 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. Am looking for some inspiration on ideas that have worked well with this topic, particularly activities that the children can do independently.


Have got an 'open house' morning on Tues and need to show water tray, sand, construction, etc all being used effectively and hopefully linking in with the story.


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Tinyone,


We have just done Jack and the Beanstalk (Reception)


- We planted 'beans' and watched them grow

- Asked the children to draw / write about part of the story onto a leaf and made a beanstalk


If you are looking for specific things for sand water - you could bury 'golden eggs' which the children could count out of the sand tray.

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This is a great story to lead into comparing size with different sized containers to fill. I have also buried 'golden' money in the sand tray for this topic in the past. At the moment we are doing growing and have compost in the sand tray with pots, trowels and rakes which would be equally relevant. Making castles in the construction area?

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We're doing this topic now and the story is our end of term "production",

during the last few weeks we have;

Grown beans- measure and record


made a bean stalk - Large carpet rolls, one narroewer than the other ( so that one fits inside the other)- The children attached paper leaves to the tubes with hammer and tacks(physical-hand/eye coordination) they really enjoy this but does need supervision. One narrow tube is placed inside wider one and attached to rope and pulley, thus the Beanstalk grows.


Song to the tune of I'm a little teapot;


I'm a little bean small and round (curl up on the floor)

Bury me deep in the ground ( sung in a very low deep voice)

sprinkle on some water ( act out watering can)

some sunshine too( Hands out wide)

Watch me grow as tall as you ( stretch to the sky)


Seed / beans / lentils / collages and in sand tray


Papier mache golden eggs


Chick Chick Chick Chick Chicken song


Hope these help



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Ooooh keep them coming as i am doing this after Easter. I am ging to set up a castle in the roleplay area as well and link lots of size activites to it. in the past i have made a giant with the children and fastened hin to the wall. 'Giant Tall is on the wall'.

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We have a "tent" castle and back drop curtain from IKEA, when we first told the story, one of our children remembered the back drop ( which we used last term) went to the box it is kept in and said" I know, we need a castle, for the giant" It's moments like this that make my job more than worthwhile. :D:D



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I love your beanstalk idea, Peggy :D:D - What kind of pulley do you use? Where can I get one??? (Is it the same as those washing line pulleys?)

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We have also just done Jack and the beanstalk, the children have realy enjoyed all the activities.


We have grown beans some in plastic containers with paper towels, and some in soil. They have taken two weeks to start growing ! I was a bit worried as one of my parents said it was too early to grow beans :o


We have made jack moving pictures. The children were given sheets of card with a long top to bottom split, lolly pop sticks, crayons and collage. They drew leaves, some made collage leaves added jack onto the stick. We then had a puppet show.

We have been learning jack and the beanstalk songs


What am I supposed to do with 5 magic beans


How many leaves has a beanstalk got


Mr Giant is hungry hide jack hide.


If a giant was chaseing you what would you do.

We have used lots of different instruments, the children have learnt the songs so quickly and ask to sing them over and over.


We have made growing beanstalks using green paper, the children roll them up to make a tube then cut down 5 inches from the top. Then if they pull very gently from the middle the paper grows. The children have then drawn jack somewher e on the beanstalk climbing. Some children added cotton wool at the top for clouds.


we have done sorting using different size and colour beans, some beans i sprayed with gold and silver paint, these have been fun in the sand.

A nice game we have done is using 5 beans sprayed gold on one side. Each child has a tub with 5 beans, they shake them and then tip them on the table, some come out gold side up some plain . How many gold beans have you got ? how many plain ? how many alltogether. Depending on how they fall been great for number bonds to 5.


The role play area was turned into a castle, some days its jacks house!.


We have done obsevational drawings of growing mung beans, thats just reminded me, I am supposed to be taking in some fully grown beans shoots to draw tommorow ours went moldy on friday.

hope you find these ideas useful

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Great ideas, Jackie, :D

I remember making Palm trees with rolled up newspaper when I was a little girl ( many moons ago)

and I especially like the gold beans, how many game, this is an area of learning I especially want to develop, so thanks for that :D



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  • 7 years later...

Hi Jackie,


Your song ideas sound wonderful - Do you have the lyrics or music available? Have tried searching for them on the net but no joy :(


Thanks x


by the looks of Jackie's profile she has been on line since 2008, so the chances of an answer to your question may be quite slim, the thread you have added to here was started in 2005!


However, welcome to the forum, if anyone knows these songs I am sure they will come along and help, I'm afraid I dont, but we are just about to do a bit of Jack and the Beanstalk ourselves, but we are pre-school, and we need a little more interest to really push on this one from the children, we have started by reading the book Shhh, and have role played it a few times with the children this week.

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Guest sn0wdr0p

I bought the book Jack's Beanstalk Stinks and the children love it. It tells the story from the giants perspective and it certainly got the 4/5 year olds talking. We made beanstalks with the children the other day but as we are looking at different fairy tales this term some of them decided they didn't want a giant at the top so we had princesses, one of the three bears and various other characters including spiderman!


I love the idea of the growing beanstalk. I will be on to my carpet fitter brother in law first thing in the morning for yet more carpet tubes.

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