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Hello all,


I am having an observation on the first monday back after half term.....

The topic is Down on the Farm.....

but i would like to do the story Who's in the Shed

Can anyone help me with a CLL/ KUW input...

I want to show that the chn have progressed since september...

I was thinking of dong an animal hunt after in the outside area......the chn will have to look for the missing farm animals and take a picture and write what they found and where they found it....what do you think??

Please reply.....observation is bad enough but the first day back after half term at 9 with the senior leadership team is very scarey and i want to be organised......thankyou

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Well at that time in my year1 clasroom I will be doing a PSE rules and expectations circle time after the holiday! Just in case any one thinks they have forgotten my expectations!!


Presumably you cant do something like that first?


Good luck.

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Just an idea of a CLL activity I did with my children a few weeks ago when we did farms aftre our school trip was farmyard riddles. The kids loved it!! They had to describe their animal and their partner had to guess what it was. The children draw their picture of the animal and then stuck a flap over it. Underneath they had to write sentences to describe the animal, then you lift up the flap to see if you are right. We made it into a class book!


I think using the outdoors is a great idea though for an observation, having good continuous provision is great to show how all children are learning when not working in an adult led group.


Lots of Luck! x

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