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Hi all

Well as I seem to sort out one issue i find another! As this club has been without a manger for a year (maternity leave just given notice)...the temp manager has done the job without training (came in as temp and was not already working there) and the deputy has left (did 2 days per week!). Temp manager tells me as she has had no training she does not know what there really should be in place so i said would help her out. So far have


got those staff whose first aid expires july to attend new course in june!

identified they should all attend safeguarding/food hygiene course to update

encouraged one staff to do level 3 after completing level 2 a couple of years ago

put up new ofsted poster

updated registration docs

provided first aid box check


The next thing staff tell me is:

2 staff not crb but got letter from social services (been there years). I know from previous thread on here that that is ok but as committee we might look at renewing.

2 staff got crb (been there a couple of years)


Temp manager has sent ofsted two lots of crb and a health declaration through but received nothing! This has been going on since may last year when she started the job.

Another staff sent crb in oct last year and not got anything back.


One of our crb staff went for job intervew last week! We are trying to recruit new manager and so far nothing! Also looking for new unqualified playworker.Even if we did recruit then they too need crb check etc etc.


So real problem is that temp manager, another staff should not be left alone with children! Plus new manager,new playworker. How can this work when there are so many not crb checked????!!! Its because we have lost staff all at once and have to recruit at the same time


We have new crb forms to fill out not sure what else to do. There are still ladies where i work that are also waiting for crb check and temp manager told me that at the pre-school where she works as deputy in the afternoon a lady there has only just got crb back after over 12 months!


What a ridiculous situation. Any advice?

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Oh Marley - didn't want to read and run........they are very lucky to have you - you are obviously getting things moving........


Can't help with your question - I have absolutely no experience of out of school clubs - hope someone more helpful than me comes along soon! :o

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Hello Marley- look like a tricky situation!


My thoughts are contact Ofsted directly- did the applicants send off all the proof of ID etc with the CRB's?

If your member of staff with CRB is going to work notice that gives you a "bit" of time!


I would speak to Ofsted and ask how to chase them and then chase them- my daughter got her CRB back in less than a week- she has a wierd name- so maybe employ new people with odd names so its quicker!


Are there any other settings in the group that can help with a staff swap until this is resolved?

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Hi Marley


I have been an ASC Manager for a year now, and as a Manager i would have chased this issue up within the first 3 months - CRB's usually take around 6 weeks- when it is busy - i have always been lucky as when i have sent off for them for my staff they have been back within a month.


It sounds like you're a real asset to the ASC Marley!!

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Hi all

Thanks for advice.

Think the issue with not having a manager to chase all of this has been the root cause of it all. Im really sweating it as OFSTED last came 4 years 2 months ago so inspection very overdue too. HAve got committee meeting on mon so will quiz the chair (who is one of only 2 original comm members as rest of us are all new!) and inform the others with this.

I dont mind helping out but this this is taking up more time than i originally thought it would! If it wasnt for the fact i love my pre-school job and the ASC hours do not fit in with that i would go for managers job myself! Its £8.50/h wheras im on £6.20!! Im hoping we have some candidates that are good by the closing date on mon. otherwise not sure what we are going to do!

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Sounds like you're doing a fantastic job Marley.


With regard to the CRBs - who do you use? We use Captia and have been getting checks through within a couple of weeks.


Just be aware that there will be a mad dash for checks now as CRBs on the current forms will not be processed after 23rd July. Applications on the new forms (as part of the VBS) will be processed from 26th July. So if you've got anyone that needs doing get the forms in asap to avoid the backlog that's bound to occur.


Also, the staff who've got the old SS checks - try and get their CRBs sorted now while they are free (Ofsted paying). When the VBS comes in the timetable is this:


July 10 - voluntary for new staff

November 10 - compulsory for new staff

April 11 - roll out for exisiting staff, starting with those without a CRB

This will be rolled out over 5 years with those with the most current CRBs being registered last.


So get in now while it's free or the staff will have to pay £64 to register with the VBS from April 2011.


Hope that's of use (and hasn't given you another headache).



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