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Does anyone use communication bks. We're a pre-school morning only with 2-5 aged children. I've worked in nurseries where they use communication sheets for the 2s but not the older ones. What do similar settings do

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We use them. Like you we are mornings only and from 2 to 4 years. I put in a weekly highlights sheet to keep parents in touch with what their children have been enjoying - this is not specific to their child but the group in general. Other settings also liked this so they could see what we've been doing. They also use our books in the same way.

Additionally key persons will write in messages about Wow! moments. Parents will quite often share information in this way too. Sometimes we pop the odd photo in. It can be an easy way of keeping in regular contact with harder to reach parents. It's also great to tick the box on sharing information between other settings and carers.

BUT it is another 'job' to do each session!

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Hi titchy, yes we use them............we introduced them a couple of years ago and have found them extremely useful - especially with those parents that we don't 'see' on a daily basis. Parents write in them too - e.g. Jonny woke up very early so may be tired, Susie didn't eat any breakfast so she might be hungry, Sam's grandparents will pick him up today, we will be on holiday next week - you get my drift.........

Recently some parents have started to add photos which is just lovely - this morning one book had a photo of the pansy that we potted on for Mother's Day - with a very nice message from mum to say that she loves the plant and thank you very much.....


We write just the briefest info. e.g. Ask Harry about.........(something that Harry has especially enjoyed during the morning), Super morning - super girl, Ella especially enjoyed outdoor play - she is now able to climb the scramble net without help......are you with me?


They do take a little time to write - but really not too much time.........they work for us! :o

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