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Policy On Epi Pens


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Didn't have a policy as such but Insurer (through PSLA) insisted that staff had to be trained to administer and a care plan in place before child could stay without carer. This would have to be repeated if we ever had another child with epipen. Care plan laid out what symptoms to look out for, what we would do and who we would comtact - in our case it was adminster epipen and contact paramedic immediately as she was a severe reacter to even peanut in air. Then after 10mins if no help had arrived and symptoms not relieved to repeat epipen - she always carried one and we had one in setting. We put up notices and informed all parents of danger of peanuts to this child (Parents gave full permission) checked ingredients of everything and kept a close eye on her. Fortunately we are only sessional and fruit etc for snack was not a problem.

Best info comes from parent of child - they will be able to tell you brands that are safe for their child.

Hope that helps


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We dont have an epi pen policy but have had & do have a number of them Epi pens I mean) . I think a policy may be difficult as each 'epi pen user' has to be looked at individually. Would it not come under your administering medication policy?

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