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Can you tell me those of you in full day care settings how the funding is worked out for parents

It has been suggested to us that we either do

15hrs x 38 weeks and the parets pay the full fees in no funded weeks or that we could split the funding over the whole year which would be approx 11 hours per week.

We are getting in a muddle!





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this will depend on how your LEA give the money or the rules they set...


Ours were paid over the 38weeks, and this is how the funding had to be shown as 15 hrs a week free care and then a charge for the remainder.. ( not a bill for the hours and the amount we got in funding deducted)



what would happen if someone left before using all the funded hours?

How would you ensure they all had the right number of free hours each week?


and probably lots more questions to sort out funding is to be 'used' all year..



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As Inge says, a lot depends on the rules your Local Authority will set. Have a look at the Code of Practice for delivery of the 15 hour flexible entitlement as a guide, which you can find here.



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