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Had a form arrive today with our OFSTED registration fee asking us to let them know who has left and who has joined us - from when I don't know! Is this a new thing because as far as I knew they never wanted to know about new staff. I'm going to have to ring them to find out who they have registered with us to work out what I need to write. Surely if this is a new thing then wouldn't it be easier to start a list of employees from scratch! This is on the paperwork:


Declaration and consent form for all individuals connected with a registered provision (form EY2)

April 2010

This form should be completed by:

 sole owner applicants to provide early years childcare

 all individuals making up an organisation whose sole purpose is to provide early years childcare,

which includes:

- committee members

- partners

- directors

- anyone who works with three or more other people on domestic premises

 the nominated person for an organisation who will represent the organisation in its dealings

with Ofsted

 the manager in charge of the day-to-day running of a childcare provision

 assistants or staff members working with childminders or childcare providers on domestic


 persons aged 16 years or over who live or work on the premises where childminding or

childcare on domestic premises takes place or is to take place.

You do not need to complete this form if you are applying to register as an early years childminder or if you

are the applicant for registration on the Childcare Register.

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From what I know, you fill this out for new staff and committee members (committee miss out quite a few bits on it). This then triggers them to give you the form for a free ofsted crb for committee, staff ones you do separately.


I suspect the form is fairly new as some of our older staff didn't use this one.


I wouldn't panic, I think they are probably just sending this out randomly to freak us out!

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your right is knew because when they came to see me 2 years ago i asked if they wanted to know who staff were they said no but would make a note anyway. this was the same as my suitable person check the previous year. i have seen nothing to say any thing else. i think that it is a good thing and they should know who is working in the setting but not necessarily all those forms we use to fill out years ago.


will await with baited breath

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I'm not saying this is the case but I have noticed sometimes Ofsted seem to send out forms or leaflets randomly, almost as if when they were stuffing the relevant document into the envelope they pick up a couple of other things laying about too! We ask all staf to complete the EY2 and keep it in their personnel file. Committee complete and send to Ofsted to release the CB form as said. And I always write to them each summer to tell them who works for us and I often get a letter back saying thanks for your letter but we don't need to know. My thought at that point is yes, I know but better to be safe than sorry!

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I had the same letter & form about a month ago - so what I did was printed of my own table of details - I included name of setting and Ofsted reg no. Then on the table I included staff and committee members (we are committee run pre school), I inserted names, addresses, role/position eg Supervisor, assistant , chairperson etc. tel. numbers, email addresses, CRB no's and dates of CRB issue. and returned it with the original pro froma they sent me.

Within a few days I received a phone call from Ofsted - checking the list I sent them with the list they had on their records. They had names on their records from YEARS AGO!!!!!! - and I know I have informed them previously that some of those people were no longer associated or worked for the Pre School - so it was no problem - they just clarified who was at the setting now and deleted the old details from their records.

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I always understood (and think that the list on the EY2 form confirms) that only the day to day manager and committee need to complete an EY2 form in a non-domestic setting.


I use Captia for CRBs and have never been asked by Ofsted for details of staff.


We've just re-registered one of our settings and weren't asked for anything on staff other than verbal confirmation that they are properly qualified to be counted in the ratios.

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I agree with Reader Rabbit here. If you work in a "non domestic premise" you only need to inform Ofsted of any changes to the manager, nominated person(if not the manager) and committee. Ofsted do not want to know about other staff changes, and will not CRB them for you.

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Hi all

As a new memebr of committee for out of school club i have just completed an EY2 form (ok only half of it as most for committee not required). Its only to be used as reader rabbit says and not for staff in general.


Also got to complete EY3 which tells them who is off the committee and who is new on the committee. HAve also been told these bforms are needed to inform OFSTED of new manager (when we get one!)

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