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I am looking to compile a parent questionnaire over the weekend, asking parents for their views on all aspects

of the pe-school provision we provide. Does anyone have such a document in place already and if so, would you be

willing to share your questions or ideas?? I have a child questionnaire and would be willing to post it, if it would be of use to anyone. Thank you. dottyp :o

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if you have parent e-mail try survey monkey. com it will collate all the information for you and print a report!! :o

I tend to ask open ended questions on mine (sorry unable to give you a copy at the moment...will try to do so later)

i also keep it short and change it to target areas i need to challenge myself on that term ( i give mine to parents when their child leaves the setting in the hope that they will be more honest) - perhaps something i've evaluated on my sef etc..

Good luck! xD:(

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