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Begin To Use Representation As A Form Of Communication


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I struggle with that one too.


Does it mean something like ' I drew this map to show the way to my house' and a child's story drawing where they talk and draw at the same time e.g 'This is me and this is grandad and here's the garden and this is the stream running through it'


Is there somewhere that you can click to find examples of these statements because I also struggle with language for thinking and communication?

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Edlee - I'm currently stuck on those CLL areas too! I'm trying to devise a list of activities that cover some learning intentions but it's not that easy!


The EYFS CD Rom has some examples but not enough I don't think.


Thanks for your input, let's hope someone has can let us know their thoughts too.



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Ah, PPP. I'm going to review what I put earlier as I see that this statement refers to 2 year olds 22-36 months so can't be what I said.


It is in with all the statements about expressing themselves and communicating and in the next stage after that it says 'uses language to communicate'.


So my next suggestion..... is it things like putting on a hat or bag to show they are trying to be/represent someone else? Or could it be using signs to represent words and to communicate?


I really don't think it is supposed to be this hard all this EYFS stuff but this holiday I feel like my brain is going to explode. So much to read and take in from so many courses, books, websites. I want definitive answers! ( Please don't anyone come on here and say 'but there are no definitive answers in education'- I know that, but it doesn't stop me wanting them!)


I don't want to steal your thread but I have come back into early years after several years having my own children and I am paralysed by confusion! Currently trying to implement free flow, planning from children's interests, provocations, rolling snack bar, learning journals,Reggio approach, planning for schemas, forest school etc. alongside pressure from parents to teach them letter and number formation and start to teach them to blend sounds. A lot of our parents (middle class, well educacted) seem to value all the creative play but also want a bit more structure and formal 'sit down with a pencil' type teaching.


I am over -thinking things so much that I feel like we're just headless chickens madly observing and taking photos.I have just stuck a photo of a chicken in learning journal so perhaps not far off.....


Sorry, didn't intend to vent on your thread. I think I need to sit down with an 'outstanding' early years guru and just ask them loads of questions about how they are doing it....

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We use it for various things, a child might make a mark on a picture and say "That's my name" or be counting things and make marks on a paper to represent how many balls they threw into a bucket. I had a child today put 3 twigs on the grass to show how many worms he'd found and he gave another 3 sticks to another child to tell him how many they still needed to find.

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