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hi i recently asked for help with regard to a form for staff to fill out with regard to medical conditions etc - i have searched the forum and cant find anything - can anyone help please?

also another bit of help needed please - we have been told that we need to provide a rest area for our younger children - just a fold up bed and sheet - however as usual that was the easy part - we now have to have a policy with regard the sheets we put on the bed - when we will put one on,how we will ensure only used by one child,what we will do when child has had thier rest/nap, how we will launder this!!!!!!!

never easy is it - can anyone out there help me at all? please x

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with regards to the sheets, I would put something to the effect of:

A fresh sheet /blanketwill be placed on the bed prior to each child's use.When that child has finished sleeping, the sheet and blanket will be removed and placed in a laundry bag/sack prior to laundering

The bed will be wiped over with antibacterial cloths before any other child is permitted to use it, (this measure is designed to prevent spread of any bugs,illness such as conjunctivitis, etc or to promote good hygiene practice)

Used/soiled sheets will be laundered in a washing machine ( on or off premises depending on whether or not you have a machine at the setting) at the highest temperature suitable for the material

Fresh sheets ( or linen/laundry, whatever term you choose) will be stored in ( wherever you keep them prior to use)

Pillows will not be used ( small children don't need them)

The bed will be folded and put away when not in use and is stored in( again, wherever you keep it)

The bed and linen will be checked each time for damage and replaced as necessary.

You also need to have a sleeping child policy, i suspect, something to the effect that sleep will be( either permitted for as long as the child needs it, or in line with the parents wishes)...children will be checked regularly,etc


You also need to check that nothing is cluttering the sleep area ( no bags etc, so no risk of child choking/ suffocating etc.

How's that to start you off?

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